Wilcox Wharf to Windmill Point Rebuild

Wilcox Wharf to Windmill Point Rebuild

Proposed Plan to Replace Aging Transmission Structures

Dominion plans to rebuild a segment of an existing 500 kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line that crosses the James River. The line serves Charles City and Prince George Counties as well as the surrounding areas. The transmission line was placed into service in the 1960s and several structures have significant steel deterioration and have reached the end of their functional life.

Dominion will replace four transmission structures. Two existing Cor-Ten steel structures in the water will be replaced with two similar galvanized steel structures of the same height. The new structures in the water will be supported by the existing foundations– minimizing underwater disturbance. Two existing Cor-Ten steel anchor structures – one on either side of the shore – will be replaced with two galvanized steel A-Frame structures. The new structures on the shore will be approximately 15 feet taller than the existing structures.
Construction on the new transmission line is proposed to begin summer 2017 and will be completed late 2017.

Dominion’s rebuild project will:
- Replace aging infrastructure
- Maintain continued reliable service to local customers
- Help strengthen the electrical grid
- Require no new right of way
- Require no new foundations in the river

Target Schedule
 Fall 2016   Public outreach: meetings with elected officials, letters to residents, website, open house 
 Winter 2016   Submit application to the State Corporation Commission (SCC) 
 Early 2017  Secure necessary permits for construction
 Spring 2017  Notify adjacent property owners of construction activities 
 Summer 2017   Construction scheduled to begin (pending applicable permits) 
 Winter 2017  Target date to energize the rebuilt transmission structures  

To view full fact sheet and a map of the proposed rebuilt, please click here

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