Stormwater Utility Program

Stormwater Utility Program

Prince George County
Stormwater Utility Program

Program Highlights

•  Meet water quality mandates
•  Neighborhood drainage improvements
Stream stabilization
•  Prevent flooding
•  Watershed restoration
•  Outfall ditch maintenance
•  Stormwater conveyance improvements
•  Identify needs for capital projects

Annual Rates

Residential:  $36.00


Less than 2 acres


2-5 acres


More than 5 acres




Please contact Prince George County Utilities Department at (804)722-8706

Prince George County adopted a Stormwater Utility Fee for property owners on March 25, 2014.  The fee will be billed annually with the real estate tax bills.  The idea behind a stormwater utility is that stormwater management is like other public services, such as water, wastewater, and electricity, which are priced based on use.  In a stormwater utility, fees are collected from residents and businesses and used for water resource improvement projects on a local level.  The fees are also used to keep up with the costs of replacing and repairing aging stormwater infrastructure.  Our goal is to improve Prince George County's stormwater management for all residents countywide.

Stormwater management involves control of stormwater quantity and quality.  Stormwater quantity management focuses on managing the volume or amount of stormwater as well as the speed of runoff.  Stormwater quality management focuses on the prevention of water pollution by requiring the best management practices.  Localities utilize best management practices, development policies, capital projects to construct, repair and maintain stormwater sewers, ditches, and basins, and operational practices to ensure stormwater management.  The goals of these efforts are improved drainage, prevention of flood damage, and improved water quality for the County.

  • For additional information and frequently asked questions, click here.
  • For a copy of the Stormwater Utility Program brochure, click here.

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