Special Events

A permit must be obtained prior to having a "Special Event" in Prince George County. The County Code defines a Special Event as follows:

Special Event - a gathering of persons to be held in open space not within a permanently enclosed structure for the purpose of listening to or participating in music, or listening to or participating in entertainment that is open to the public or which results in revenue through donations or ticket sales. "Entertainment" includes but is not limited to fairs, carnivals, circuses, fundraisers, exhibitions, performances, rides, races, parades, marches, events, concerts, celebrations, tours, shows, outdoor dances, and fireworks displays.

The following types of events are not considered Special Events and DO NOT require a permit:

  • County or School sponsored events;
  • yard sales;
  • flea markets;
  • family reunions;
  • private parties;
  • athletic tournaments;
  • outdoor weddings/receptions;
  • pep rallies;
  • business grand openings;
  • indoor events (in buildings designed for assembly purposes)

The permit fee for a Special Event is $25.00. A Special Event Permit must be applied for through the Department of Community Development and Code Compliance at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event date. Please call the Department at (804) 722-8659 or email inspections@princegeorgeva.org if you have a question about Special Event requirements. Click on the following links for additional information:

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