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Fee Schedule

Planning & Zoning Division
Fee Schedule

(Effective July 1, 2012)


Deferral Requested by Applicant  $625.00
Zoning Compliance Letter  $44.00
Zoning Ordinance Change $700.00
Special Exception  $700.00
Home Occupation/Special Exception  $350.00
Special Exception to BZA $250.00
Conditional Use Permit $875.00
Administrative Variance                                     $50.00 + $300.00 (if forwarded to the BZA)
Variance/Appeal Application  $350.00
Boundary Line Adjustment     $50.00
Plat Consolidation or Vacation $50.00
Plat Recordation $50.00
Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Review $700.00
Minor Site Plan $250.00
Site Plan Review  $350.00 + $35.00 per acre
Site Plan Re-Review $250.00 per review
Subdivision Review:  2 to 5 lots  $275.00
Subdivision Review:  6+ lots

$350.00 + $35.00 per lot

Administrative Second Dwelling Use                 $200.00  ($25.00 Annual Renewal Fee)


$1,050.00 + additional per acre fee as follows
    To:  A-1  No additional fee
    To:  R-A, R-E  $88.00 per acre
    To:  R-1, R-2, R-3, MHR $140.00 per acre
    To:  B-1, B-2, B-3 $140.00 per acre
    To:  M-1, M-2, M-3  $140.00 per acre
    To:  Planned Unit Development (PUD) $140.00 per acre    
Amend Existing Zoning Case $1,050.00
Amend Comprehensive Plan $700.00


DMV Compliance Letter     $25.00
FIRM Map Confirmation Letter                                         $25.00
FEMA Elevation Certificate Review $25.00
In-Home Day Care Zoning Approval $25.00
Professional Business Zoning Approval $25.00
Residential Group Home Zoning Approval $25.00


Commercial Land Disturbance Permit / E&S Fee $400.00 + $25.00 per acre disturbed
Agreement in Lieu-Residential                                         $35.00
Land Disturbance Permit Re-Inspection Fee $40.00
Land Disturbance Permit Dormant Project Fee $75.00


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