Comprehensive Plan
                                                      Comprehensive Plans
Every Virginia locality is required by law to complete a Comprehensive Plan to guide and accomplish coordinated and harmonious development within the locality. In preparing the plan, the locality must consider present and probable future needs and resources, and seek to be promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the inhabitants. The plan is required to be reviewed every five years.

Prince George County Comprehensive Plan
This plan is an official public document that was adopted by the Prince George County Board of Supervisors. The plan can be used as a long-term guide for land use decisions related to growth and development within the County. The plan can also be used as a general guide that outlines public priorities and directs certain expenditures for public faculties and other capital improvement programs.

More Information:
Code of Virginia - The Comprehensive Plan
Capital Improvements Plan (Prince George Department of Finance)
Water & Wastewater Study (superseded by 2016 Water and Wastewater master Plan)

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