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Commendation /Complaint

Commendation /Complaint

1. If you wish to make a complaint about the actions of an employee or about any aspect of law-enforcement operations, please:
a. Come to the Sheriff’s Office and tell any employee that you want to make a complaint; or
b. Call the Sheriff’s Office and tell the person answering the phone that you want to make a complaint; or
2. A supervisor will assist you in filling out a complaint form.  This form asks you to identify yourself and then to give specific details about your complaint.
3. Your complaint will then be investigated.  You may be contacted and asked additional questions about your complaint.
4. If it is going to take a long time to investigate your complaint, you will receive a letter telling you approximately when you may expect a reply.
5. When your complaint has been investigated, the Sheriff will review the investigation and will write you a letter explaining what has been found out about the matter.


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