Drug Court

Hopewell, Prince George, Surry Drug Court 

The Drug Court Program was established in 2002 as a collaborative effort between the City of Hopewell, Prince George and Surry Counties, Riverside Criminal Justice Agency and District 19 Community Services Board in conjunction with the Riverside Community Justice Board to provide a therapeutic alternative to substance using offenders. Drug Court utilizes a special court docket for dealing with non-violent criminal offenses committed by drug-addicted offenders. It combines the power of intensive judicial supervision with comprehensive substance abuse treatment and case management to assist offenders in achieving recovery. Only the court has the power to issue immediate sanctions to offenders when relapse or noncompliance occurs. 

Benefits of Drug Courts

Drug Courts have proven effective in reducing illegal drug use and related criminal behaviors. They are restoring addicts to gainful employment, healthy parenting, and productive citizenship. Drug Courts provide effective substance abuse treatment for addicted offenders while mandating compliance and accountability. Drug Courts have bridged the gaps among the criminal justice and courts systems, treatment, social services, and public health. 

Drug Court Program

Drug Court is a minimum 14-month program with four phases of treatment and supervision. The focus is to offer the offenders a chance to achieve recovery in a structured program that provides substance abuse treatment and intensive supervision. Drug Court uses a system of sanctions and rewards as an approach to help reinforce positive behaviors. Drug Court is a chance for the offenders to develop skills and assets that will allow the offender to continue in recovery and have a healthy lifestyle once the offender is released from supervision and the Drug Court program is completed. Successful completion of Drug Court will result in the dismissal of the offenders' charges. The cost of the program is $100.00 a month for as long as the offender is in the program. The minimum cost is $1,500.  The drug court docket is on Mondays at 4pm in the Prince George Circuit Court.

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