Meet the Chief

Paul PGFEMS (3)

With over 28 years of experience in the firefighting and public safety industry, Chief Paul Beamon is a highly accomplished and dedicated leader. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Perdue University, a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Fire Science from West Georgia, Paramedicine from DeKalb College and received his Fire Chief Certification in 2004 from the state of Georgia. 


Beginning his career with the city of Forest Park Fire and Emergency Management Services (EMS), he has held multiple positions as a career and volunteer paramedic firefighter. Through his hard work and dedication, Chief Beamon has risen to become a Sargent, Captain, Division Chief, and even held leadership positions in the private sector overseeing EMS Emergency Management operations for Atlanta and 17 other counties throughout Georgia. He has also taught classes in hazardous materials, rope rescue, EMS, fire ground tactics, and special operations. Chief Beamon also and developed and implemented the state firefighter one and firefighter two curricula for the college system of Georgia, developed successful community paramedic programs, and had various articles published on the fire service and has received various local, state, and national leadership awards.


As the newly appointed Fire and EMS Chief and Emergency Manager for Prince George County, Chief Beamon has quickly initiated changes in department staffing and deployment, improved safety, standardized equipment, and, promotes a community-focused mission. Chief Beamon is responsible for ensuring quality emergency and community services for a 282 square mile area with a population of 42,800. He is committed to ensuring that the department is always prepared to respond to any emergency and has implemented a number of training and equipment programs to ensure that all firefighters are well equipped and ready to respond to any situation.


In addition to his duties as fire chief, Chief Beamon serves as Chair of the Central Virginia Chiefs Association, is a member of the John Randolph Medical Center / Tri-Cities Hospital Board and is a member of the Tri-Cities Chiefs. He is a respected leader in the firefighting community and known for his dedication, leadership and commitment to the safety of the community.

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