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Animals in Disasters


Pets may be lost, injured or killed during a disaster. Family disaster plans need to include the family pets.

Preparedness Tips

  • Keep a pet disaster kit on hand for each pet in the household including:
    • A week's emergency supply of pet food, water, and other essential support items
    • Comfort toys
    • Medical records, especially proof of rabies vaccination
    • Medications, vitamins
    • Pet first aid kit and first aid book
  • I.D. tags, microchips, leg bands, or tattoos help reunite separated pets and owners.
  • When transporting your cat during disasters make sure they are contained in a pet carrier to prevent injury or escapes.
  • Take several pictures of your animals and keep them with your important papers.
  • If your regular veterinarian does not have a disaster plan locate one who does.
  • If you use a "pet sitter" while on vacation, discuss disaster plans and evacuation sites.

Pets in Emergency Shelters

In Prince George County, pets brought to emergency shelters are taken to the county's animal shelter and will be cared for, in an area separate from the daily animal population, until it is safe for residents to take their pets home.

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