Other Suggestions for Keeping Your Cat Safe

Other Suggestions for Keeping Your Cat Safe

Other Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe

In addition to having the supplies mentioned on the previous page, here are other suggestions for keeping your cat safe:

  • Because human evacuation shelters do not generally allow animals, locate a place where you can take your cat if you have to evacuate.  Places to consider include vet clinics, boarding kennels, animal shelters, or the home of a friend or family member.  Some hotels or motels will allow small animals temporarily.  Make these arrangements now.  DO NOT wait until a disaster has happened.

  • If your cat is missing following a disaster, remember they are very territorial animals, and they have probably found a safe place within their normal territory to hide until they think it is safe to come out.  All the calling and tempting with food may not bring them out of hiding.  Continue to put food out, close to the location where they are used to eating.

  • Cats usually hide during the day, especially if there is a lot of noise in your area.  At night when things quiet down, cats will come out.  If a few days have passed, and you have not located your cat, you may want to check to see if your local shelter has humane traps to loan.  This may be the only way to catch a frightened cat.

  • If you are going on vacation and leaving your cat with someone else, discuss a disaster plan with that person.

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