Foster Program


Q. What are the requirements for a foster care volunteer?
•    Foster parents must be at least 18 years of age.
•    A completed foster interest form (click here) from the interested individual.
•    One-on-one with the foster coordinator to address your questions/needs based on what type of animal you are interested in fostering. 
•    Approval from landlord for the foster animal (if applicable).
•    All resident animals are up to date with vaccines (if applicable).

Q. How long will I have my foster pet for?
A. Each foster situation is different. Ideally, kittens and puppies will remain in foster care until they are 8 weeks of age or at least until weaned. The timeline for animals in foster care for medical or behavioral reasons will vary on a case by case basis.

Q. How will I receive my foster pet?
A. We will call eligible fosters as animals come in that fit that foster’s individual interests/ability. 

Q. What do I need to provide as a foster parent?
A. Any items a foster parent wants to provide or donate are greatly appreciated. However, we can and will provide all supplies needed (i.e. food, heating items, milk, blankets, bedding). All medications and vaccinations will be provided by PGAS ONLY. Vaccinations may only be done by staff of Prince George Animal Services or Disputanta Animal Hospital. All medical concerns need to be discussed with PGAS staff BEFORE any interventions are given. PGAS staff will train fosters on an individual basis on how to administer any required medications.

Q. What if I already have pets in my home?
A. Having pets already certainly does not exclude you from fostering. However, pets already in the home must be kept separate from foster pets during the foster animal’s entire stay. Having a separate room in your house in which foster pets can stay comfortably is necessary. When available, PGAS can provide tools to help keep foster animals and resident pets separate. 

Q. Can I adopt my foster pet?
A. When your foster pet is ready for adoption (this is determined by staff members) you are welcome to apply to adopt. Foster families are still required to fill out an adoption application and pay the associated adoption fee. 

Q. Can my friends, family, or neighbor adopt my foster pet?
A. Absolutely! However, no adoptions will take place before animals are returned to the shelter. All adoptions are first come, first serve pending an approved application. Any interested party will need to fill out an application and pay the associated adoption fee. 

Q. What if my foster placement is not going well due to behavior or health issues?
A. If a foster pet isn’t meshing with your household, you are encouraged to contact our foster care coordinator. Depending on the situation, a consultation can be done, medication can be prescribed for illness, or a return can be scheduled. No foster parent will be expected to keep an animal that they are uncomfortable caring for.

Q. What if there is an emergency?
A. Our foster care coordinator is available by phone 24 hours a day. Foster care volunteers are given an emergency cell phone number if an emergency occurs after the shelter is closed for the day. Instructions will be given in the event of an after-hours emergency.

Q. What are the terms and conditions of fostering?
A. The foster parent must understand that the animal belongs to Prince George Animal Services and that this title is not being conveyed to you as part of this foster care arrangement and that the control of this animal or animals remains with Prince George Animal Services. The foster parent must agree to provide the animal loving care, including at a minimum: adequate food, adequate water, adequate shelter that is properly cleaned, adequate space for the particular type of animal depending upon its age, size, species and weight, and adequate exercise. The foster parent understands that medicines and other supplies provided by Prince George Animal Services are for use with Prince George Animal Services foster care animals only and that these medicines and supplies are not to be administered to animals for which Prince George Animal Services does not hold title or to any animal for which it was not prescribed. The foster care parent understands that all emergency and after-hours veterinary care must be authorized in advance by a representative of Prince George Animal Services.  You agree to personally incur the cost for any such treatment for which you have failed to receive pre-authorization by Prince George Animal Services. The foster parent understands and acknowledges that you do not have title to the foster animal to which you are providing care, and therefore, you have no right or authority to keep, adopt, transfer, or place foster animals in other homes or with other individuals. The foster parent agrees that every Prince George Animal Services animal for which you provide foster care must be physically returned to the Prince George Adoption Center by a date set by Prince George Animal Services or at any time upon the request of Prince George Animal Services.  You also agree to return the animal(s) to the Prince George Adoption Center immediately should circumstances arise that preclude you from being able to provide the animal with adequate care as described above. The foster parent agrees to provide information and materials (such as temperatures, weight measurements, fecal samples, etc.) related to the animal to Prince George Animal Services staff when requested. You agree to hold Prince George Animal Services harmless from any direct or consequential damages arising out of this foster care arrangement. The foster parent acknowledges that Prince George Animal Services may terminate a foster care arrangement at any time in its sole discretion. The foster parent must certify that no person residing in the household where the animal will be fostered has ever been charged with or convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment or domestic abuse.

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