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Recap of January 9 BOS Meeting

January 9 Meeting Recap

BOS Gets First Look At
New Exit 45 Tax District

The Board of Supervisors at its January 9 worksession saw its first look at the possibility of establishing a new tax district for Exit 45.

After a major emphasis in improving the landscape at Exit 45, the BOS is now looking for property owners at Exit 45 to pay for ongoing maintenance.  A four-cent tax increase is being proposed that would raise an estimated $10,377.96.

 Improvements to lighting, sidewalks, shrubs and  colorful spires have all been meant to resurrect the once-popular exit and draw more visitors off I-95. Public investment by the Board of Supervisors and assistance by the Cameron Foundation have improved the exit.

 The BOS will further consider the topic at its next regular meeting on January 23.  A meeting for property owners at Exit 45 is slated for 2 p.m. Friday, January 19 at the Holiday Inn Express.

 Other matters to come before the BOS at its worksession and meeting: 

  • Discussed with VDOT the process in which to give district officials direction on various matters desired by the Board of Supervisors.  One option is to create a committee to make recommendations. 
  • Received comments from department heads whose employees spent long hours outside in the recent storm and frigid temperatures. 
  • Presented a Commendation to Ty-Zachary Bartholomew upon his attainment of Eagle Scout. 
  • Presented a Resolution to the family of Lawrence G. Sprader, Jr. requesting a Memorial Bridge Resolution from the General Assembly. 
  • Approved on the Consensus Agenda an appropriation to the Public School Division of $31,763.41 for rebates & restitution. 
  • Recognized the winners of various Christmas projects including decorations, card & parade. 
  • Unanimously approved revisions to the Personnel Policy regarding ‘General Provisions & Employee Performance Review.’ 
  • Discussed the Administrative Six-Month Work Plan. 
  • Unanimously approved the re-appointment of Elizabeth Abernathy & Joseph Wagner to the Board of Equalization. 
  • Unanimously approved the re-appointment of Steve Brockwell & James Easter to the Planning Commission. 
  • Unanimously approved the re-appointment of Floyd Brown, Sr. to the Crater District Planning Commission. 
  • Unanimously approved the recommendation of Carol Woodward to the Circuit Court for re-appointment to the Board of Zoning Appeals. 
  • Unanimously approved the re-appointment of Peter Clements to the Virginia Gateway Region. 
  • Approved the appointment of Supervisor Marlene Waymack to the South Centre Corridors Resource Conservation & Development Council by a 4-0 vote, with Ms. Waymack abstaining. 
  • Unanimously approved the re-appointment of Keith Brown to the Recreation Advisory Commission. 
  • Canceled the January 16 Pre-Budget Worksession and rescheduled it for 6 p.m. Tuesday, February 6.