Recap of June 11 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Recap of June 11 Board of Supervisors Meeting

June 11 Recap

Board of Supervisors Deny 
the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s Terms of the Virginia Business Ready Sites Program Grant

On September 14 and September 28, 2021, the Board received information and considered action to construct either a new wastewater treatment plant in Prince George or a pump station and force main to discharge wastewater to the Hopewell Water Renewal Facility to address wastewater capacity at the Southpoint/Crosspointe business park and growth in the County.  A motion for the wastewater treatment plant failed and the Blackwater Regional Pump Station and Force Main to Hopewell passed.  This project includes a gravity interceptor, 3 MGD pumping station, and nearly 10 miles of force main to discharge the wastewater at the Hopewell Water Renewal (HWR) facility.  In January 2023, initial discussions with HWR indicated the City had 7 MGD of available capacity for PGC. The County moved forward with the project and began the design process.  In March 2024, the County received information which made it unclear if HWR has available allocation for the County.   Hopewell currently plans to hire a consultant to determine the unallocated capacity of the plant that might be available for the County.  Should wastewater allocation not be available through HWR, the County would not be able to move forward with the Board’s approved option for increased wastewater capacity. 

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), through its Virginia Business Ready Sites Program (VBRSP), provides grant opportunities for site development to establish a pool of potential sites across the Commonwealth that are well prepared and positioned to be selected by economic development projects.  Last December, the Board authorized Staff to apply for a VBRSP grant to help fund the Blackwater Regional Pump Station project to discharge wastewater to the City of Hopewell.  Design for the Blackwater Regional Pump Station is nearly 90% complete, excluding the design efforts for the force main.  Construction is estimated at $30M.

VEDP is positioned to offer Prince George County a VBRSP grant to assist the County with its efforts to develop further the Crosspointe/Southpoint business park for marketing to economic development projects, specifically for the construction of the Blackwater Regional Pump Station project. VEDP is aware of the status of the project and stated the award is based on a wastewater solution providing the necessary capacities, not the actual project. Therefore, both the current project and a wastewater treatment plant would qualify since both provide the necessary capacities.  As a condition of the grant, the County must authorize the design and construction of a wastewater treatment plant, in the event that the City of Hopewell does not have the necessary available wastewater allocation of 5 MGD for the County.  Many residents in the Blackwater Swamp area spoke in opposition of a wastewater treatment plant during public comment.  The Board voted by a 3-2 vote to deny the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s Terms of the Virginia Business Ready Sites Program Grant (Cox, Pugh, and Waymack in favor of denial and Webb and Brown opposed to denial). 

Other matters that came before the Board at its meeting:  

·       Approved on consent and presented a commendation to Lt. Jodie Warren for his service to Prince George County. 

·       Approved on consent a fee waiver request of Hopewell Fireworks. 

·       Approved on consent an appropriation in the amount of $6,319 of United Way Shelter Grant Funds for the Department of Social Services. 

·       Presented a commendation to Kayla Semaj Callahan for the Girl Scout Gold Award.

·       Held a public hearing and unanimously approved a boundary line adjustment request of Mr. Jim Clayton, subdivision approval and acceptance of easement. 

·       Held a public hearing and unanimously approved a special exception request to permit a special care hospital within a General Business (B-1) Zoning District to allow a day support center for the care of individuals with development and intellectual disabilities at 4224 Branchester Parkway. 

·       Approved by a 3-2 vote (Webb, Brown, and Waymack in favor, Cox and Pugh abstained) a special exception request within a Residential Agricultural (R-A) Zoning District to permit extraction of natural resources (borrow pit) located on the southwestern quadrant of the intersection of James River Drive and Ruffin Road.   

·       Received a roads maintenance report from the Virginia Department of Transportation. 

·       Received a report from the Petersburg Area Transit regarding a bus route in Prince George County. 

·       Received a report on chickens in residential zoning districts and agreed by consensus for Staff to review with the Planning Commission, obtain more citizen input by way of community meetings, and consult with Farm Bureau.  

·       Unanimously approved a change to the FY2023-2024 and FY2024-2025 Position Control Charts for General Services. 

·       Unanimously approved an appropriation in the amount of $73,130 of DCJS School Resource Officer Grant Funding to the FY2025 Budget and modification to the FY2025 Position Control Chart for the addition of a Police Officer. 

·       Held a discussion regarding stormwater fees. 

·       Unanimously reappointed Ms. Carol Bowman to the Petersburg Area Regional Tourism Corporation. 

·       Unanimously voted to postpone the appointment for Brightpoint Community College Advisory Board for further application review. 

·       Reappointed Mr. Keith Brown and Mr. E.T. Drewry to the Recreation Advisory Commission by a 4-1 vote (Mr. Brown abstained).   

·       Unanimously appointed Mr. Brandon Massenburg and Ms. Judy Chalkley to the Economic Development Authority. 

·       Unanimously voted to recommend Mr. Justin Noblin to the Circuit Court for appointment to the Board of Zoning Appeals. 

·       Unanimously authorized the County Attorney to file a Petition to Writ of Special Election for the Circuit Court Clerk. 

·       Agreed by consensus to have a work session on July 9 to discuss public safety.