Recap of May 28, 2024 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Recap of May 28, 2024 Board of Supervisors Meeting

May 28 Recap

Board of Supervisors Approves FY25 Budget

The Board of Supervisors at its May 28 meeting gave its approval to the FY ’25 Budget.  By unanimous vote, the Board gave the nod to the spending plan that will guide County Government through June 30, 2025.  The plan goes into effect July 1. 

The total Budget approved was $162,651,134, which is a 5.18% increase over FY24, an increase of 8,011,826.  The approved FY25 General Fund Budget is $74,022,972, which is 1.79% increase over FY2024.  The overall introduced budget increases are chiefly related to an increase in the General Fund budget of $1,302,617 (1.79%), a $6,255,916 (7.13%) increase in the school budget created by an increase in state funding, a ($1,056,553, -11.2%) reduction in the Utility Fund Budget, and a reduction in inter-fund transfers of ($2,121,069, -6.25%) {reduction in General Fund transfers to the Debt Fund, School Operations and textbooks}.  There was no change in real estate, personal property, machinery & tools, or mobile homes tax rates.  State changes will be considered through a budget amendment once the State numbers are provided to the County. 

Other matters that came before the Board at its meeting: 

·       Approved on consent a commendation to Kayla Semaj Callahan for the Girl Scout Gold Award.

·       Approved on consent and presented a commendation to Christian Philpot for his attainment of Eagle Scout. 

·       Approved on consent an appropriation in the amount of $11,516.88 for DMV Safety Grant Funds FY24 Quarter Ended March 31, 2024. 

·       Held a public hearing and denied a rezoning request by a 3-2 vote (Cox, Pugh, and Waymack – to approve the denial and Webb and Brown – to oppose the denial) to rezone 8.761 acres from R-2 to R-TH to develop up to 56 townhomes located west of the intersection of Monroe Avenue and Butor Road on the border with the City of Hopewell. 

·       Held a public hearing and unanimously postponed to June 11 a special exception request in an R-A Zoning District to permit extraction of natural resources (borrow pit), to permit processing of agricultural and forest products, and to permit landscaping supplies sales.   

·       Received a comprehensive utility briefing.  By consensus, 4-1 (Pugh dissenting) agreed to discuss sewer alternatives at the June 11 meeting. 

·       Unanimously approved an authority to advertise a public hearing for the transfer of land to Mr. Jim Clayton. 

·       Unanimously approved to rezone a parcel to correct an apparent mapping error on the 2010 Zoning Map. 

·       Unanimously approved an award of contract to New Market Asphalt Corporation in an amount not to exceed $182,014 for Scott Park Paving Services. 

·       Unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Central Virginia Incident Management Team. 

·       Held a discussion and unanimously approved an ambulance purchase, appropriation of cash proffers and interest revenues, and award of contract to Southeastern Specialty Vehicles in the amount of $419,858.00. 

·       Unanimously approved a resolution to continue the prohibition against roosters, gamecocks or male peacocks in R-E, R-1, R-2 and R-3 zoning districts. 

·       Unanimously approved an authority to apply for CaRMA Grants.