Recap of March 14, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Recap of March 14, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting

March 14 Meeting Recap

BOS Receives FY ’24 Budget Proposal
From the County Administrator

The Board of Supervisors at its March 14 meeting received the Budget proposal for FY24 from County Administrator Jeff Stoke. 

Mr. Stoke outlined the spending plan for FY24 that calls for no increase in real estate or personal property tax rates.  In addition, the budget is proposing to balance resources with mandated and market-driven pay increases that will assist in attracting and retaining qualified employees and address workload strain in departments.  It will also meet current and upcoming operating and capital needs for existing functions and programs, continued dedication of 3¢ Real Estate Tax Revenue for Fire/EMS Apparatus and Fire/EMS Equipment, a plan for implementation of Strategic Plan FY2024 initiatives, and a continued contribution to debt reserves. 

The proposed FY24 County Budget provides level funding for Schools, which is more than the established Revenue Sharing Calculation amount.  The transfer to the School Operating and Textbook funds is $18,533,165.  The reduction in the School Funds are caused by large reductions for one-time FY2023 capital projects supported by one-time funding at the state and federal level.  The total Budget is $155,626,978, which is $4,389,895 less than FY ’23.  The General Fund Budget is $72,374,569, which is 4.96 percent more than FY ’23.

A Public Hearing on the Budget will be held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 9 in the Board Room of the Administration Building.

Other matters that came before the Board at its meeting:

·       Received a training session on the Freedom of Information Act.

·       Approved on consent a Prince George County School waiver of certain permit fees associated with the construction of a pavilion at Prince George High School.

·       Approved on consent an appropriation in the amount of $18,214.35 for opioid settlement funds.

·       Received a roads maintenance report from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

·       Received a report on the 2023 Historic Garden Week in Virginia.  First Lady of Virginia Suzanne S. Youngkin will be the keynote speaker at Flowerdew Hundred on April 18 for this event.

·       Unanimously approved awards of contract and an appropriation in the amount of $284,338 from the Tourism Fund for the Temple Park Pickleball Court updates.

·       Unanimously authorized the Fire and EMS Department to complete and submit a grant application to the Virginia Office of EMS for a new 2023 for ambulance fleet number 623.

·       Unanimously reappointed Mr. Ronald Recher to the Senior Citizen Task Force.

·       Unanimously authorized the Police Department to complete and submit a grant application the Department of Criminal Justice Service for ARPA Law Enforcement Equipment Funds in the amount of $233,000.

·       Held a public hearing and unanimously approved the appropriation of Federal Grant to FY2022-23 Budget in the amount of $3,200,000 for a utility water line extension in the Route 10 area.