Recap of May 10 BOS Meeting

Recap of May 10 BOS Meeting

May 10 Meeting Recap
BOS Approves to Lower the 2022 Tax Levies for Real Property Due to Higher Real Property Assessed Values   

The Board of Supervisors at its May 10 meeting voted unanimously to reduce the Real Property Tax Rate for FY2022-23 from $.86 to $.82.  At its March 29 Budget Work Session, the Board received updated, higher real property assessed values and acted to advertise tax rates even lower than those included in the introduced budget.   

Also at its May 10 meeting, the Board held a public hearing for the consideration of the equalization of the tax rate based on assessment because the assessed values (excluding new construction and improvements) have grown by more than 1%.  Estimated FY2023 assessed values, net of new construction and improvements, have grown by 14.3% over FY2022 values. The equalization rate is $.75 (an $.11 reduction from the current $.86 rate). The new Real Estate tax rate will be $.82, which is $.04 lower than the current $.86 rate. The adopted rate of $.82 represents a 9.3% increase over the equalization rate of $.75. The Board took no action on the equalization rate. 

            Other matters that came before the BOS at its meeting: 

·         Received a roads maintenance report from VDOT.

·         Unanimously approved a Capital Improvement Fund budget amendment and transfer from General Fund Contingency in the amount of $2,000 for Koolwood Lane project.

·         Unanimously approved the acceptance of Koolwood Lane addition into the VDOT Secondary System of Roads Maintenance. 

·         Unanimously approved a modification to the FY2022-2023 Position Control Chart for the General Services Department. 

·         Unanimously authorized the Economic Development and Tourism Department and Parks and Recreation to complete a grant application to Virginia Tourism Corporation for tournament expenses. 

·         Unanimously approved an appropriation in the amount of $38,372.88 for Four for Life Funds for Fire and EMS. 

·         Unanimously approved an appropriation in the amount of $10,346.01 in insurance recoveries for Police vehicle repairs. 

·         Unanimously approved an Emergency Ordinance regarding the waiver of penalty and interest through August 31, 2022 for Personal Property Taxes, Real Estate Taxes, Stormwater Utility Fees and Public Services Taxes.  

·         On a vote of 3-2 denied an authority to advertise an Ordinance amending Section 2-292.1 and repealing Section 2-293 relating to duties of the County Administrator and appointment of a Clerk. (Brown and Webb in favor and Waymack, Hunter and Carmichael dissenting) 

·         Held public hearings and unanimously approved five “no thru truck” restrictions on Templeton Road, Rowanty/Zion, Log Road/Railroad Bed, Lampe, and Lansing. 

·         Held a public hearing and approved on a 4-1 vote an Ordinance to allow for the Prince George Masonic Lodge to take and hold land in the County not exceeding 10 acres of land at any one time. (Hunter abstained due to conflict of interest) 

·         Held a public hearing and unanimously approved an Ordinance to amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia”, 2005, as amended, by adding § 90-1042 to provide requirements for Battery Energy Storage Systems, and by Modifying § 90-443, § 90-493, § 90-543, § 90-53 and § 90-103 to add Tier 2 Battery Energy Storage Systems as a use permitted by Special Exception in the M-1, M-2, M-3, A-1 And R-A Zoning Districts.