Prince George County Farmers' Market Opens May 7

Prince George County Farmers' Market Opens May 7

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County of Prince George, Virginia


Jeffrey D. Stoke
County Administrator

Phone:      (804) 722-8600
Facsimile: (804) 732-3604



Board of Supervisors

Marlene J. Waymack, Chair
Donald R. Hunter, Vice Chair
Floyd M. Brown, Jr.
Alan R. Carmichael
T. J. Webb


May 3, 2022


For further information contact:
Corrie Hurt – (804) 722-8661


Prince George County
Farmers’ Market Opens May 7


The Prince George County Farmers’ Market will open on May 7 for its tenth season.  Corrie Hurt, Market Manager, is pleased to announce that the Market will continue to offer SNAP matching incentives to customers this year through Virginia Fresh Match.  Hurt said, “This means when you buy one, you get two.  It’s a huge incentive for our customers to shop local.”  The matching incentive will only apply to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Hurt stated, “If you purchase $10.00 worth of SNAP tokens, you receive another $10.00 at no cost.  For example, you can use the first $10.00 on fresh meats and the other $10.00 in incentive tokens on fresh vegetables if you would like.”

The Market will offer many various activities throughout the year which include: “Youth Entrepreneur Day”, “Juneteenth Celebration & Community Day”, “Kids Day”, “World Snake Day”, “First Responders Day”, “Fall Festival”, a weekly story time for children with a FREE book given away to every child that attends, monthly FREE Kids Creations, and much more!  Follow us at

If you would like more information about becoming a vendor, or if you would like to volunteer at the Farmers Market, contact Corrie Hurt, Market Manager at (804) 722-8777.