Recap of January 11 BOS Meeting

Recap of January 11 BOS Meeting

January 11 Meeting Recap

BOS Recognizes Holiday Winners

Mr. Keith Rotzoll, Director of Parks and Recreation, and the Prince George County Board of Supervisors at its January 11 meeting presented awards to the following people:

Christmas Decoration Winners:  Traditional Display – Ronald and Michelle Davis; Religious Display – Noland Cunningham; Tacky Holiday  Fun – Dallas Synan and Grebas Family; Best Front Door and Porch – Melissa Pearson; Children’s Delight – Ryan Edwards; Business/Church – Newville United Methodist Church; Most Facebook Likes – Mackenzie Luneau.

Christmas Card Contest Winner:  Macie Strum

Christmas Parade Winners:  Best Decorated Float – Prince George Dixie Darlings; Best Decorated Public Service Vehicle – Jefferson Park Fire Station; Most Spirited/ Themed – Dance Kraze; Judges Choice – Ellen Jones, Jones Family; Best Overall Entry – Synergy PT and Athletic Performance; Best Performance – Art of Rhythm Dance Company; Best Throwback – PGHS Majorettes from the 70’s; Most Adorable – West End Christian School; and Best Hometown – Aidan Bryant.

            Other matters that came before the BOS at its meeting and work session: 

·       Received a report and unanimously approved revisions on “Hours of Work” personnel policy.

·       Received a report on new Convenience Center site selection. 

·       Received a report on burning of brush in residential areas. 

·       Approved on consent a commendation to Sheriff Harold E. Allin, III “Bucky” for his service to Prince George County. 

·       Approved on consent a commendation to The Honorable C. Bishop Knott, Jr., Clerk of Circuit Court, for his service to Prince George County.

·       Approved on consent a resolution authorizing the execution of Memorandums of Understanding between Prince George County and the Constitutional Officers (Sheriff and Clerk of Circuit Court). 

·       Approved on consent an appropriation in the amount of $12,094 for Litter Control Grant.

·       Received a road maintenance report from VDOT.

·       Received a report on the Heritage Center water intrusion. 

·       Received a report on the electrical upgrades at the Crew Building.

·       Received a report on the Jefferson Park Fire Station renovations.

·       A vote to deny a lease agreement for use of a portion of the Prince George Central Wellness Center between the County of Prince George, Virginia and the Prince George Democratic Committee resulted in a tie with all five Board members present.  Therefore, the motion died.

·       Unanimously approved the authorization for the Interim County Administrator to enter into an Agreement with VDOT for the construction and construction management related to the completion of a drainage ditch at 16400 Arwood Road.

·       Unanimously authorized a letter of support for the Drug Court Coordinator to apply to the John Randolph Foundation for a community contribution grant.

·       Unanimously approved a personnel policy revision 27.1 through 27.6 entitled Separation from the County.

·       Unanimously approved a request of the Parks and Recreation Department of Prince George for waiver of certain permit fees associated with the installation of an eighteen-hole disc golf course at Scott Park.

·       Approved a resolution accepting second renewal of operations agreement for Prince George County Solid Waste Convenience Centers at Union Branch and Burrowsville on a 3-1-1 vote with Mrs. Waymack, Mr. Carmichael, and Mr. Hunter in favor, Mr. Webb abstaining due to conflict of interest, and Mr. Brown opposed.

·       Unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the advertisement of a public hearing on January 25 to sell two County owned properties located in River’s Edge Subdivision on Buxton Street, Tax Map # 15B-02-01-010-0 and 15B-02-01-011-0 (Portion).

·       Unanimously approved the 2022 Fee Schedule for animals confined at the Animal Shelter.

·       Unanimously approved a revision to the Position Control Chart for the General Services Department.

·       Approved a letter in support for the City of Petersburg for a casino on a 4-1 vote with Mr. Carmichael dissenting.

·       Unanimously approved a personnel policy revision entitled Hours of Work.