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Recap of December 14 BOS Meeting

Recap of December 14 BOS Meeting

December 14 Meeting Recap


BOS Unanimously Agrees to Revert Back to Adopting State Land Evaluation and Advisory Council (SLEAC) Agriculture Rates for 2022 (FY2023)

The Real Estate Land Use Program administered by the Real Estate Assessor’s Office develops Agricultural Land Use Rates annually by averaging the rates published by the State Land Evaluation and Advisory Council (SLEAC) from the most current three previous years. Virginia Code §58.1-3236 allows localities the discretion to locally adopt agricultural land use rates.

The Agricultural Land Use Rates published by the SLEAC have experienced a decrease of 23% for the FY 2022.  The continuation of calculating the Agricultural Land Use Rates annually by averaging the rates published by the SLEAC would result in a decrease in rates of approximately 16%.

At its December 14 meeting, the Real Estate Assessor presented two options to the Prince George County Board of Supervisors to either continue utilizing a three-year moving average SLEAC Agriculture Rates or revert back to adopting SLEAC Agriculture Rates for 2022 (FY2023).  While this decision creates a greater decrease in revenue for the County, it benefits the taxpayer.


            Other matters that came before the BOS at its meeting and work session:


  • Received a request from the Senior Citizen Task Force to apply for grants for the “RUOK” Program.

  • Received a report regarding election precincts.
  • Received a report on ARPA Funding.
  • Held a discussion on a casino in the Petersburg area.

  • Approved on consent a resolution accepting utility easement and temporary construction easement for Route 156 Water Line Extension.

  • Received an FY2021 Audit Report.

  • Unanimously approved a transfer from General Fund Contingency in the amount of $1,500 for the Drug Court program.

  • Unanimously approved an authorization to sign and submit notarized statement certifying presentation of the FY2020-2021 Financial Report to the local governing body.

  • Unanimously approved a budget amendment and appropriation in the amount of $793,946.24 for FY21 School Division Carryover Funds.

  • Unanimously approved the adoption of LODA (Line of Duty Act) Trust Agreement with VACORP.
  • Unanimously approved the advertisement of a public hearing for January 11for an ordinance amendment to require names for (1) roads proposed for acceptance in the State Road System; (2) rights-of-way or access easements intending to serve three or more addressable structures; and (3) any other travel way which the Director of Planning determines should be named.

  • Unanimously appointed Ms. Tammy Anderson and Mr. Stephen Brockwell to the Prince George Planning Commission for a four-year term.

  • Unanimously reappointed Mr. Peter Clements to Virginia Gateway Region for a one-year term.

  • Unanimously reappointed Mr. Floyd M. Brown, Sr. to the Crater District Planning Commission for a four-year term.

  • Unanimously approved a resolution awarding a contract for realignment of Force Main Engineering Services.

  • After the Board held a public hearing and Mr. Webb’s motion resulted in a tie to deny a lease agreement for use of a portion of the Prince George Central Wellness Center between the County of Prince George, Virginia and the Prince George Democratic Committee, Mrs. Waymack made a motion and the Board voted 3-1 (Brown, Waymack and Hunter in favor and Webb opposed) to postpone the matter to January 11.