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Boys Scholar-Athlete of the month: Prince George's Wesley Bostic

Boys Scholar-Athlete of the month: Prince George's Wesley Bostic



School: Prince George Age: 17 GPA: 3.90

Athletic accomplishments: A center on the Royals’ offensive line, Bostic spearheaded the team’s first back-to-back playoff appearance last season and was named to the Class 5C All-Region team. This season, he was elected as one of Prince George’s captains.

Academic accomplishments: Bostic has maintained a top position throughout his academic career. He has committed to study and play football at JMU.

What being back in the building is like: “It makes school a lot more enjoyable. I get to socialize and see my friends more. It just makes my senior year experience better.”

Favorite class: “Math” — and he’s only liked it more as it’s gotten more challenging.

Planned major at JMU: Mechanical engineering. “I like the idea of using your hands and being able to build stuff, then take it apart and analyze everything.”

Best tip for a good grade: “Before a test or anything I like to read over the information right before, and that helps a lot.”

Why education is important to him: “I know it’s necessary to go on with life, and it makes my mom happy. I love the game of football, I started playing at a very young age and now it’s taken to the next level, hopefully it’ll carry me on to my dream of the NFL, but education is a very big part of my life.”

How he prepares for games: “I just try to come in focused, with the intent of being the hardest working person on the field, and knowing the job I have to do and executing it.”

Any superstitions? “As a team, we don’t like playing on Saturday. Like, if a game gets canceled and we have to play on a Saturday, it has not ended well for us in the past.”

Working to get better: “Organization, whether that’s with time management or in football, knowing my assignment.”

Three words to describe yourself: “Calm, determined, and caring.”

If he could have dinner with anyone dead or alive: “Martin Luther King Jr. I feel like he would have a lot of stories and we’d just be sitting there for hours.”

Favorite pro football team: “Baltimore Ravens.”

Favorite player: Ray Lewis. “His work ethic and his determination to be like, ‘I’m going to be the best player and there’s nothing you can do about it,’ really motivates me.”

Best genre of music: “I listen to a lot of rap and hard trap. My mom doesn’t really like it, but…”

Favorite music artist: “Right now, it’s probably Lil Durk. He hasn’t missed in a long time.”

Favorite food: “Anything.” But if he had to choose, “probably pizza.”

Where do you get it: “Domino’s.”

Best thing you’ve watched recently: “The Invisible Man.” The 2020 version, not 1933.

Person he texts the most: “My brother [William], we go back and forth sending each other TikToks all the time.”

Favorite emoji: “The laughing emoji, with the crying face.”

Dream vacation? “I’d want to go to the Eiffel Tower. There's just something about Paris and being that far up.”