Recap of October 12, 2021 BOS Meeting

Recap of October 12, 2021 BOS Meeting

October 12 Meeting Recap

BOS Supports the Dissolution of the Prince George Emergency Crew 

 At its October 12 meeting, the Prince George County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution for the dissolution of the Prince George Emergency Crew (PGEC).  The Board had been advised by PGEC and independently become aware of a recently distressingly precipitous decline in volunteer members of PGEC who are available to provide services.  Prince George Fire & EMS currently has career staff running out of the PGEC station and are currently providing all of the emergency medical services in the PGEC response area.  The crisis in active membership and service delivery is a continuation of a trend over the last several years.  The PGEC and County efforts to recruit and train new volunteers have not been able to reverse the trend of critically low PGEC membership and participation in emergency medical service delivery.  In addition, PGEC has not been able to demonstrate or propose a means of recruiting sufficient membership to resume effective levels of operation in the foreseeable future.  

The County through Prince George Fire and EMS is, in practice, assuming responsibility for emergency medical services in the PGEC service area because Virginia Code § 15.2-955(B) requires the County “to ensure that emergency medical services are maintained throughout the entire locality.”  Virginia Code § 32.1-111.4:7 authorizes the Board to dissolve a nongovernmental emergency medical services agency “when the governing body of the county . . . for any reason deems it advisable.”  Therefore, the Board regrettably finds that PGEC does not have and cannot reasonably be expected to recruit membership sufficient to justify its continued existence in the Prince George County Coordinated Fire & Rescue System.  The Board directs the Prince George County Fire & EMS Chief to assume responsibilities for emergency medical service delivery in the affected area, to make provision for now-former PGEC volunteers to be adopted as PGFE volunteers if they are able and qualify and if they are so advised, and to take all necessary action consistent with this decision.  The title of the real property commonly described as 10800 Prince George Drive vests in fee simple in the County upon dissolution of PGEC, the County claims its exclusive ownership of said property and directs the County Administrator to assume proper control and maintenance of the same.  

            Other matters that came before the BOS at its meeting and work session:

·         Discussion on the County Administration Building Air Cooled Chiller and Variable Frequency Drive Replacement.

·         Received a report on Disc Golf in the County.

·         Received an update on General Assembly items.

·         Approved on consent and presented a commendation to Sergeant Michael Laine for his service to Prince George County.

·         Approved on consent a resolution approving participation in the proposed settlement of opioid-related claims against Mckesson, Cardinal Health, Amerisourcebergen, Janssen, and their related corporate entities.  

·         Received a roads maintenance report from VDOT.

·         Received a report on water and wastewater matters.

·         Unanimously appointed Ruth Parham to the Social Services Advisory Board.  

·         Unanimously postponed to October 26 one appointment to the Social Services Advisory Board.

·         Unanimously approved an appropriation in the amount of $1,205,246 for School ARPA funds.

·         Held a discussion and decided to change the November 10 meeting date to November 9.

·         Unanimously recommended Charles Leonard to the Circuit Court for reappointment to the Board of Zoning Appeals.  

·         Unanimously appointed Charles Harrison as Building Official.

·         Unanimously approved an award of contract and appropriation in the amount of $220,610 to Daiken for the replacement of air cooled chiller and eleven variable frequency drives in the County Administration Building.

·         Held a public hearing and unanimously approved an ordinance amendment to state that transients staying at a travel campground must pay the transient tax and to clarify that the transient tax is based on the total price paid by the customer for the use or possession of the room.

·         Held a public hearing and unanimously approved an ordinance for a one-time State funded $3,000 bonus for Sheriff and Deputies; a County funded $3,000 bonus for an unfunded full-time deputy, and a County funded $1,500 bonus for both unfunded part-time Deputies and an Office Manager.