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Prince George
County, VA

Prince George Fire & EMS Congratulates Newly Certified EMTs


Prince George Fire & EMS in Prince George, Virginia, announced January 27, 2021, the newest certified EMTs to join the service.

“In the new world of COVID and social distancing, we still have people who are dedicated in helping their community,” said Jeff McPhearson, EC, NRP, firefighter and critical care paramedic, and EMS Academy Course Coordinator for Prince George Fire & EMS. “There were some setbacks within the program, dealing with COVID to make the class safe. In working with the Virginia Office of EMS and Prince George Fire and EMS Administration, we were able to work through the obstacles and provide an excellent class for our students."

The department’s newest EMTs are Chris Day, Deryl Gensler, Tony Martin, Rebecca Ward, Allie May and Eddie Saunders.

More students are scheduled to test in the coming months, McPhearson added.

“In a time when a disease has caused disabilities and even death, these students want to obtain their certification to help their community,” said McPhearson. “Prince George, Virginia has a slogan of ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors.’ This surely describes all of our fire, EMS and police personnel who help serve our community.”

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