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Prince George
County, VA

Prince George County requests community feedback on Residential Poultry Ordinance Amendment

Department of Community Development &
Code Compliance
Julie C. Walton, Director Interim Planning Manager
Dean Simmons, Building Official

For Immediate Release
September 24, 2020

For additional information, contact:
Julie Walton, Deputy County Administrator Director of Community Development & Code Compliance
(804) 722-8659

Prince George County requests community feedback on Residential Poultry Ordinance Amendment

PRINCE GEORGE, VA – Prince George County is seeking feedback from the community on possible changes to regulations which would allow chickens and other poultry in the backyards of properties less than 2 acres in residential neighborhoods. Currently, chickens and other poultry are generally allowed only on properties 2 acres and larger.


Residential chickens have gained a renewed focus during the COVID-19 pandemic as homeowners have sought affordable homemade food choices and animal companionship. While considering the possible changes to the Ordinance, the County maintains a desire to protect property owners’ rights while limiting unreasonable impacts on neighboring properties. The draft ordinance and additional information has been posted on the County website with instructions for submitting feedback.


Over the coming weeks, the County will engage in outreach to notify County residents of the possible changes and offer the opportunity to comment and contribute to the draft ordinance before it is presented to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors for public hearings.


Please visit the webpage below for more information and to provide feedback:

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P.O. Box 68 – 6602 Courts Drive, Prince George, VA 23875 Phone: 804.722.8659 - Fax: 804.722.0702