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Prince George
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Recap of September 22 BOS Meeting

September 22 Meeting Recap

BOS Approves First Solar Energy Facility Under New Policy

The Board of Supervisors at its August 11 meeting adopted the Solar Energy Facility Siting Policy.  The Planning Commission and Staff recommended the adoption of a Solar Energy Facility Siting Policy to provide guidance to property owners, business owners, and County residents with the acceptance of Special Exception applications for Solar Energy Facilities.  The policy gives guidance to Staff, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors when evaluating requests for solar energy facilities.  

At its September 22 meeting, the Board held a public hearing and unanimously approved a special exception for a 20 MW large-scale solar energy facility on a 182+/- acre parcel in an R-A, Residential-Agricultural Zoning District to Sebera-Winstead, LLC.  Mr. Carmichael was absent.  The property is located along Sebera Road and Lawyers Road in the Blackwater Magisterial District.  The applicant has agreed to additional conditions as required by the adopted Solar Energy Facility Siting Policy.  Staff and the Planning Commission recommended approval to the Board as the request is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and substantially consistent with the recently adopted Solar Energy Siting Policy.  

            Other matters to come before the BOS at its worksession & meeting:

·       Approved on consent and presented a commendation to Hopewell/Prince George Chamber of Commerce for its 100-Year Milestone.

·       Approved on consent a resolution approving a memorandum of agreement between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge and Prince George County concerning enhanced nature-based recreational opportunities.

·       Received an update on the new elementary school.

·       Received an update on CARES Funding.

·       Received a report on the industrial zoning districts ordinance amendment.

·       Unanimously postponed the approval of  a debt refunding option for the Virginia Resources Authority Pool Bond Program or Prince George County Direct Public Bond Issuance to September 23 at 5:00 p.m.

·       Unanimously postponed two appointments to the Crater Regional Workforce Development to October 27.

·       Unanimously approved revisions to the Prince George County Personnel Policies regarding Communicable Disease and Leave.

·       Unanimously approved an appropriation in the amount of $49,590 for DCJS Coronavirus Emergency Relief Funds for the Commonwealth’s Attorney. 

·       Unanimously approved an appropriation in the amount of $91,103.89 for accrued interest State Non-Arbitrage Program (SNAP) and Virginia Investment Pool (VIP) Investment Interest Proceeds.

·       Unanimously approved an affirmation not to allow employee payroll tax deferral permitted by Executive Order/ORS Notice 2020-65.

·       Unanimously approved an award of contract for sewer extension to Hopewell – preliminary engineering report.

·       Unanimously approved an award of contract and appropriation for the Route 156 water line extension ($2,601,513.40 award to Perkinson Construction, LLC; $323,576.24 appropriation of additional funds).

·       Unanimously approved an award of contract in the amount of $1,470,000 for Central Wellness Center Renovations Phase I.

·       Unanimously authorized the advertisement of a public hearing on October 13 for eminent domain for utility easement.

·       Unanimously authorized the advertisement of a public hearing October 27 for an ordinance to amend “The Code Of The County Of Prince George, Virginia,” as amended, by enacting §§ 14-49 – 14-56 to implement an application process and regulations for peddling and soliciting in the County.

·       Unanimously approved a settlement agreement with Pamela Bennett related to property damage.

·       Held a public hearing and unanimously approved an Emergency Ordinance to effectuate temporary changes in certain deadlines and to modify public meeting and public hearing practices and procedures to address continuity of operations associated with pandemic disaster.