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Prince George
County, VA

Crater Planning District's SERA Social Distancing Index

Crater Planning District’s SERA Social Distancing Index from Maryland Transportation Institute (MTI) in partnership with the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory (CATT Lab)

Prince George: 32 (17th Percentile)

Chesterfield: 34  (12th Percentile)

Petersburg:  32 (17th Percentile)

Colonial Heights: 37 (7th Percentile)

Dinwiddie: 21 (69th Percentile) (Airport: Out-of-state trips are high at 4.4% - 59th Percentile)

Hopewell: 31 (20th Percentile)

Charles City: 31 (20th Percentile)

Greensville: 21 (69th Percentile) (Airport: Out-of-state trips are high at 21.8% - 94th Percentile)

Surry: 24 ( 51st Percentile) (Airport: Out-of-state trips are high at 1.5% - 32nd Percentile)

Sussex: 21 (69th Percentile) (Airport: Out-of-state trips are high at 11.4% - 82 Percentile)

Emporia: 48 (1st Percentile)

The social distancing index is computed from six mobility metrics by this equation: social distancing index = 0.8*[% staying home + 0.01*(100 - %staying home)*(0.1*% reduction of all trips compared to pre-COVID-19 benchmark + 0.2*% reduction of work trips + 0.4*% reduction of non-work trips + 0.3*% reduction of travel distance)] + 0.2*% reduction of out-of-county trips. The weights are chosen based on share of residents and visitor trips (e.g., about 20% of all trips are out-of-county trips, which led to the selection of a weight of 0.8 for resident trips and 0.2 for out-of-county trips); what trips are considered more essential (e.g., work trips more essential than non-work trips); and the principle that higher social distancing index scores should correspond to fewer chances for close-distance human interactions and virus transmissions.