February 11 Meeting Recap

BOS Unanimously Authorized the Allocation of Funds for Improvements to Walton Elementary School HVAC System

The School Division needs to make HVAC improvements at the existing Walton Elementary, and has a funding deficit of $170,767.87 for Phase I of those improvements. There are unallocated Spring 2019 bond proceeds and a public hearing is required for use of bond proceeds not specified during the bond issuance public hearing. Following the public hearing, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Webb voted unanimously to authorize the allocation of funds not to exceed $170,767.87 from its unallocated Spring 2019 bond proceeds for the improvements to the existing Walton Elementary School HVAC System. Mr. Carmichael and Mrs. Waymack were absent.

Other matters that came before the BOS at its meeting and work session:

• Received a presentation by the School Division on the new elementary school.

• Received a health insurance renewal update.

• Discussed an ordinance to amend the County Code to allow the use of golf carts and utility vehicles on public highways.

• Approved on consent a proclamation of February 24-29, 2020 as America Saves Week.

• Received a maintenance report from VDOT.

• Received a property maintenance report.

• Received a report on the CCAM Workforce Development Academy.

• Unanimously approved an award of contract for the Jordan on the James filtering system.

• Discussed Department Head annual reports.

• Unanimously approved a contract for the public safety radio system 20-year maintenance contract not to exceed $10,766,140.

• Unanimously postponed a Living Shoreline Landowner Agreement with the James River Association to February 25.

• Unanimously authorized the advertisement of a public hearing for ordinance amendments to The Code of the County of Prince George, Sections 82-313 and 82-595 “Continuation of Individual System; Fees” to eliminate the required existing connection fees related to the County water/sewer system for residential only.