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Board of Grievance Appeals

Board of Grievance Appeals

Code of Virginia (1950, as amended), Title 15.1, Chapter 1, Article 2 (15.1-7.1) Resolution, R-74-52, passed by the Prince George County  Board of Supervisors on June 25, 1974 
 Appointed By    
Prince George County Board of Supervisors
 Term 3 years

Not withstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, general or special, every locality which has more than fifteen employees shall have a grievance procedure for its employees that affords an immediate and fair method for the resolution of disputes which may arise between the public employer and its employees and a personnel system including a classification plan for service and a uniform pay plan for all employees excluding employees and deputies of division superintendents of schools.

 Representative   Term Information 
 R. Stephen Brockwell   
 Term Began: 03/08/22
 Term Ends: 03/08/25
 Tim Webb  
 Term Began: 03/08/20
 Term Ends: 03/08/23


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