Data Distribution Policy

Data Distribution Policy

GIS Product Distribution Policy
County of Prince George, Virginia
Effective March 2006


The County of Prince George recognizes the value of its GIS data to serve the County and the investment made by the citizens of the County to create the data.  This policy is designed to make the data available at a reasonable cost while preserving the interests of the County.

The County reserves the right to refuse distribution of any GIS data.  This GIS data is owned by the County of Prince George and this policy can be modified at anytime by the County.

Digital distribution limits the use of the products to internal use by the requesting party.  Further distribution to third parties is not permitted.  The products are the intellectual property of Prince George County.  The County reserves the right to distribute, limit distribution, and hold ownership to the GIS products.


The cost of data distribution should be borne by the requesting party.  See the attached Price List for details.  Checks or money orders are required for any purchase over five dollars.  Checks and cash are accepted for less than five-dollar orders.  Postage is not included in the Price List and will be extra.


Orders will be processed as they are received, in the order that they are received.  One week delivery should be expected as a minimum.  If an order will take longer than two weeks then the GIS staff will contact the requesting party to inform them of the expected delivery date.


All requests must be made in writing; email is acceptable.  Payment should accompany the request.  Items will not be given out without the completed payment.  The request should include:

                                    Name, address, contact phone

                                    Items and quantity needed

The GIS staff will inform the requesting party when the items are ready for either pickup or shipping.

There will be a limited number of printed maps available at the counter for walk-ins, but no guarantees on availability.

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