Guidelines Include:

1. Wearing of a mask. If a person does not have a mask, a disposable one will be given to them.

2. The answering of specific health-screening questions related to possible contact of the coronavirus.

3. Forehead temperature will be taken; if temperature is too high, individual will be asked to return in 15 minutes to retake the temperature. If temperature is still too high, individual will not be allowed entry into the building.

4. Following health-screening questions and temperature taking, the individual will be asked to wait until the receptionist contacts the department in which that individual wants to visit. Social distancing will be stressed during this waiting period.

5. Once approved, the individual can go to the department requested on any of the floors.

6. Entry into the building will only be allowed at the rear entrance. Individuals can leave the building at any of the exits.

Prince George County public meeting process during the COVID19 Pandemic can be found at this link.

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