February 14, 2023 BOS Meeting

February 14, 2023 BOS Meeting

Date:  Tuesday February 14, 2023 (02/14/23)

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Board of Supervisors
County of Prince George, Virginia
Regular Meeting:  February 14, 2023
County Administration Bldg. Boardroom, Third Floor
6602 Courts Drive, Prince George, Virginia
Regular Meeting
Closed Session
5:00 p.m.
Work Session
6:00 p.m.
Business Meeting
7:00 p.m.
*Public Hearings Will Be Heard at 7:30 p.m.


The meeting will be live-streamed at the following link:  https://www.princegeorgecountyva.gov/live_stream/index.php

Public comments may be made in person during any meeting.  You may also submit any public comments on our website at https://www.princegeorgecountyva.gov/departments/board_of_supervisors/public_comment_form.php.

Any public comments received in person or by website form up until the public comment section is closed by the Chair of the Board of Supervisors on February 14 may be entered into the meeting minutes if desired by the citizen. 

Roll Call

E-1.     Resolution; Closed Session Motion with Topics and Code Section References to be Provided at Board Meeting. 

E-2.     Resolution; “Certification of Closed Session” Certifying that Only those Items Contained in the Closed Session Motion were Discussed.  [3]

Convenience Center Presentation – Dean Simmons, General Services Director 
Courthouse Update – Dean Simmons, General Services Director
Vacating a Recorded Plat – Julie Walton, Deputy County Administrator, Community Development 

Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. Flag




VDOT – Crystal Smith 
Drug Court Update – Denise Waff, Director of Community Corrections 

A-1.     Draft Minutes – January 24, 2023 Regular Meeting.

A-2.     Resolution; Award of Contract; Budget Transfer and Appropriation, and Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing for Budget Amendment for the Construction of the Water Line Extension to the Route 10 Corridor.  (Frank Haltom, County Engineer) 

A-3.     Resolution; Support of the Replacement of Water Lines in the Beachwood Manor Subdivision and Authorization to Submit DWSRF/VHD Grant Application. (Frank Haltom, County Engineer) 

A-4.     Resolution; Awards of Contract and Authorization to Purchase (Emergency Communications Center Console and Related Equipment $92,115.90).  (Chad Boserman, ECC Manager) 

A-5.     Resolution; Appropriation of Accumulated Snap Investment Interest and General Fund, Fund Balance to Replace Planned Debt Proceeds for FY2022 County Vehicle and School Bus Purchases ($400,000 in Accumulated SNAP Investment Interest and $412,000 In General Fund, Fund Balance).  (Betsy Drewry, Deputy County Administrator, Finance)

A-6.     Resolution Accepting the Tourism Agreement Between the County of Prince George and Participating Members for the 5 & Dime Trail.  (Yoti Jabri, Economic Development Director)

A-7.     Resolution; Authorizing Prince George County to enter into an Agreement regarding Opioid Settlement Funds with Surry County.  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney)

A-8.     Resolution; Capital Improvement Project Fund Budget Transfer and Appropriation of Series 2019 SNAP Interest Earnings (Transfer of $68,589.96 from Route 156 CIP Project Budget to Food Lion / Route 460 CIP Project and Appropriation of $56,969 in SNAP Interest Earnings to Food Lion / Route 460 CIP Project Budget).  (Betsy Drewry, Deputy County Administrator, Finance)

A-9.     Consideration of Appointments – Board, Commissions, Committees, Authorities:
            Resolution of Appointment(s): 

A.        Resolution; One Appointment (Interim Term) – Recreation Advisory Commission.

B.        Resolution; Appointment (One Member – Interim Term); Senior Task Force. 

P-1.      Public Hearing; Ordinance to Amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia,” as Amended, by Amending §§ 82-261 and 82-536 to Authorize the Board of Supervisors to Give a Refund to Property Owners for Unutilized Water and Wastewater Capacity after the Connection Fee is Paid.  (Frank Haltom, County Engineer)

P-2.      Public Hearing; Ordinance to Amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia,” as Amended, by Enacting §74-200 to Clarify that Any Organization that Claims Exemption by Classification for a Real Estate Parcel Shall Make the Request on Forms Both Supplied and Reviewed by the County Assessor. (Dan Whitten, County Attorney) 

P-3.      Public Hearing; Ordinance to Amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia,” as Amended, by Enacting §74-199 to Authorize the Abatement of Tax Levies on Buildings which are Razed, Destroyed or Damaged.  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney)

P-4.      Public Hearing; Ordinance to Amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia,” as Amended, by Amending §74-198 to Change the Dates Related to the Assessment of New Buildings Substantially Completed.  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney)

P-5.      Public Hearing; REZONING RZ-22-02:  Request of Jeff Oakley, Robert Forehand Jr., and Buckingham Pines, LLC to rezone approximately 12.18 acres from M-1 (Limited Industrial) District to M-2 (General Industrial) District, to accommodate existing and future industrial land uses. The subject property consists of seven (7) tax parcels located on the north and south sides of Harvest Road within an existing industrial park, and is identified as Tax Maps 240(0A)00-069-A, B, F, G, K, L, and M. The Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map indicates that the land underlying all affected tax parcels is planned for Industrial uses. Staff Contact: Andre Greene

P-6.      Public Hearing; SPECIAL EXCEPTION SE-22-12: Request of Dennis and Wendy Plear to permit an Animal Boarding Place in a Residential Agricultural (R-A) Zoning District, pursuant to Prince George County Zoning Ordinance Section 90-103(23). The purpose of the request is to allow a dog-breeding business to operate within the existing single-family dwelling on the property. The subject property is approximately 2.76 acres in size, located at 10608 Walton Lake Road, and is identified as Tax Map 440(0A)00-001-0. The Prince George County Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map indicates the property is planned for Residential uses. Staff Contact: Tim Graves

Board meeting format:  Executive Meeting at 5:00 p.m., followed by a Business Meeting at 7:00 p.m. with Public Hearings being heard at 7:30 p.m. Visit Prince George County website for information www.princegeorgecountyva.gov