BOS September 27 Meeting

BOS September 27 Meeting

Date:  Tuesday September 27, 2022 (09/27/22)

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Board of Supervisors
County of Prince George, Virginia
Regular Meeting:  September 27, 2022
County Administration Bldg. Boardroom, Third Floor
6602 Courts Drive, Prince George, Virginia
Regular Meeting
Work Session
6:00 p.m.
Business Meeting
7:00 p.m.
*Public Hearings Will Be Heard at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting will be live-streamed at the following link:

Public comments may be made in person during any meeting.  You may also submit any public comments on our website at

Any public comments received in person or by website form up until the public comment section is closed by the Chair of the Board of Supervisors on September 27 may be entered into the meeting minutes if desired by the citizen. 

Roll Call

Disc Golf Ribbon Cutting - Lower Scott Park, Ball Field #2

INVOCATION – Dr. Jeraldine Posey, Abundant Life Church
Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. Flag

C-1.     Draft Minutes – September 13, 2022 Regular Meeting. 

C-2.     Resolution; Approval of Donation of Progard Vehicle Partition for a 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe to the City of Staunton Sheriff’s Office. (Chief Keith Early)

C-3.     Resolution Authorizing the Suspension of Section 6A of the Prince George County Board of Supervisors By-Laws for the October 11, 2022 Board Meeting.  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney)




Preliminary Quarterly Financial Report – Betsy Drewry

T-1.      Resolution: Award of Contract and Budget Transfer ($189,050 Organizational Review and Staffing Level Study – Managing Results, LLC).  (Betsy Drewry, Deputy County Administrator, Finance)

A-1.     Resolution; Award of Contracts; Annual Engineering Services Contracts.  (Frank Haltom, County Engineer)

A-2.     Resolution; Appropriation of $88,052.38 Virginia Public School Authority Bond Series 2021 Accumulated Interest To County-Wide CIP Fund, New Elementary School Project Budget.  (Betsy Drewry, Deputy County Administrator, Finance)

A-3.     Resolution: Award of Contract for County Fiber Upgrades Net100 ($213,796.84) and a Budget Transfer from ARPA Contingency Account for $235,177 to Cover Award Plus Ten Percent Contingency.  (Clifton Young, IT Director)

A-4.     Resolution: Award of Contract for Additional Services for the Evaluation, Design, Permitting and Construction Administration of the Temple Avenue Water Storage Tank And Pumping Station ($118,000).  (Frank Haltom, County Engineer)

A-5.     Resolution; Authority to Advertise an Ordinance to Amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia,” as Amended, by Amending §74-5 Relating to Authorizing the Treasurer to Approve Refunds Up to Ten Thousand Dollars Without the Approval of the Board of Supervisors in Accordance with Virginia Code Section 58.1-3981(A).  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney)

P-1.      Public Hearing; SPECIAL EXCEPTION SE-22-08: Request of Vonda Capria to permit the rental of rooms not to exceed four, including bed and board, within a R-A (Residential-Agricultural) Zoning District, pursuant to Prince George County Zoning Ordinance Section 90-103(52) “Cottage industry home occupation on a parcel of five acres or more in area.”. The subject property is approximately 6.18 acres in size, located at 8601 Robin Road, and is identified as Tax Map 530(0A)00-043-A. The Prince George County Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map indicates the property is planned for Agriculture uses. (Julie Walton, Deputy County Administrator, Community Development)

P-2.      Public Hearing; REZONING RZ-22-01: Request of SL Well Station Road LLC to conditionally rezone 880.4 acres from I-2 General Industrial District to M-2 General Industrial District. The purposes of the rezoning are to update the zoning of the parcel to be consistent with the current adopted zoning ordinance and update the proffered conditions for current market conditions in preparation for the owner to market the property for industrial development. The subject property is located on both sides of Wells Station Road and is presently identified as Tax Map 340(0A)00-134-0. The Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map indicates the property is planned for Industrial development.  (Julie Walton, Deputy County Administrator, Community Development) 

Board meeting format:  Closed Meeting at 5:00 p.m., followed by a Business Meeting at 7:00 p.m. with Public Hearings being heard at 7:30 p.m.  Visit Prince George County website for information